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To craft immersive and visceral sound assets and musical compositions that evoke the full spectrum of human emotions.


Eureka!  I’ve got it!  In English, depending on the way the word escapes you…AHA! might express delight, discovery, disbelief or maybe just the sound of a really good sneeze! In Egypt, where the founder of the company was born and has roots, AHA! is pronounced with the emphasis on the first “A” …and how it’s said can convey disdain, shock, anguish or pleasure. To exclaim AHA! can cover an entire emotional spectrum which is, after all, our objective!  ​

AHA! also happens to be the founder's initials…

If you're curious, Adel Iskandar's article on the meaning of "aha" is quite interesting.

A photo of Alex recording with a parabolic microphone.

 Who  we are

AHA SOUND is the creative endeavor of Alex, a multifaceted artist whose expertise spans music composition, sound design, and all aspects of audio production. With a background in filmmaking and a passion for linear and non-linear media, sound, and technology, Alex's goal is to craft visceral and immersive experiences through his diverse creative outlets. He has lent his services to scoring and sound design for various short films and television series. Additionally, Alex has licensed his music, field recordings, and custom sound designs to clients such as Procter & Gamble, Oppo, and Lululemon. 

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