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Various pictures of birds in Joshua Tree cover for Joshua Tree Bird Party free sound effects library

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A while back we stayed at an AirBNB near Joshua Tree National Park. The hosts set up a bird feeder right outside the porch which inevitably drew what seemed to be the entirety of the region's wildlife to our doorstep, including a bobcat and some coyotes. Unfortunately, we didn’t get any sound from the bobcat, and only mediocre recordings from the coyotes, but the Gambel’s Quails stole the spotlight and gave us a lot of interesting and goofy sounding bird calls to listen to. The atmosphere the birds created was so interesting to us that we spent countless hours listening, taking photos and recording them. Anyway, we love those little goofballs so much that we’re sharing their performances with all of you for free! Enjoy these free sound effects!

Joshua Tree Bird Party | Sound Effects

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