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China Temple Bells & Crowds | Sound Effects

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The China: Temple Bells & Crowds sound effects library was recorded in two locations. The first within the Yungang Grottoes, a UNESCO World Heritage site from the Wei Dynasty era, and the second, an ancient Taoist temple built in the Tang Dynasty in the outskirts of Beijing.


The library includes recordings of large prayer bells, Buddhist wind chimes, wooden wishing sticks adorned with twinkling bells, background and foreground crowd walla in Mandarin, Chinese, birds, and other ambient sounds captured on location in stereo. We’ve also included some bonus designed sounds made from the recordings.


These authentic recordings offer a sonic window into the atmosphere of ancient Chinese temples and shrines as they exist today. The sounds can be useful for adding realism to cinematic, game, or multimedia projects requiring an accurate representation of this cultural setting, or as fodder for creating mystical and spiritual designs.

China Temple Bells & Crowds | Sound Effects

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